How to create a video call link for your client -

Victoria-Jungfrau, Interlaken:

Please read the full briefing before clicking the "Login Link" at the end of the page:

Step 2:

  • E-mail:

  • Password: victoria-jungfrau
  • Click Client Login

Step 3:

  • on the left side click on THE HUB

Step 4:

  • Select the tour
    Victoria-Junfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

Step 5:

  • Select Create Multi Video Room
  • Copy Guest Link and send it to the client
  • Copy Host Link four yourself. Make sure you safe the links somewhere.
  • FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The links are individual per client meeting set up but the links for you and the client just vary with the word "guest" and "host".

Example Links:


Please note that this service has a small charge from the provider:

A credit is worth a 15 min call with one participant (not including the host). Every extra person or an extra 15 min - is worth another credit. 

500 Credits =    USD 60.00          (7'500 minutes or 125 hours) = 0.008 Cents per minute

1'000 Credits = USD 110.00        (15'000 minutes or 250 hours) = 0.007 Cents per minute
2'000 Credits = USD 200.00        (30'000 minutes or 500 hours) = 0.0066 Cents per minute
4'000 Credits = USD 350.00        (60'000 minutes or 1'000 hours) = 0.006 Cents per minute

Step 1:

Now ... you are good to go. Please click the link to your right.

Once you are connected, make sure to click the lock on top. It needs to be green for you to have control over the tour.

This page could be sent to your client (currently only in German, but I can do a translation quick smart), in order for him to get the instructions needed in order to login to the call.